Thai Fish Cakes

Thai fish cakes are spicy with a unique texture and flavour, easy to make with cod or any white fish. Incredibly addictive.

Create a seasoning sauce by combining the fish sauce and sugar.

Chop the fish into chunks and add to a food processor along with the seasoning sauce, red curry paste, egg and corn flour.

Process until the mixtures becomes thick and sticky, this typically takes a minute or two.

Add the beans and kaffir leaves to the food processor and give one last short blast.

Tip the contents of the food processor into a bowl or container and leave to chill in the fridge for half an hour or so.

Add the oil to a deep frying pan or wok and warm over a medium heat until hot.

Shape fish into small balls and then flatten into cakes around 2 inches in diameter. Some people may react to the red curry paste so feel free to use latex gloves here. Grease your hands with vegetable oil to prevent the mixture sticking to your fingers.

Then place the fish cakes into the hot oil, cook for a few minutes until they start to ‘inflate’ and turn golden brown.

Remove the fish cakes from the oil and absorb excess oil using kitchen roll.

Serve with sriracha chilli sauce, sweet chilli sauce or a cucumber relish.