More about the history of Punk Thai, our plans for the future and the company name.


We’re a family run business, led by Amy Nixon. After growing up in Thailand and being under parental pressure to follow a career as an accountant she eventually, in adult life, followed her true calling; cooking and food carving. She’s inspired by the flavours she enjoyed whilst living in Asia’s cosmopolitan cities.

Present & Future

Punk Thai was created in Spring 2017 and began with a bang. Even preliminary test-runs generated unanimous glowing feedback. We’ve catered for various events and celebrations and have grand plans for expansion.

Why “Punk Thai”?

We toyed with various names centred around our less calculated way of cooking where scales and recipes are ignored, where ingredients are literally chucked in the pot based upon experience. Our disregard for rules led to a comparison to the punk ideology and so the name was finalised.