Larb Moo

Thai larb made with minced pork (larb moo) is one of the most popular Thai streets foods. It's a refreshing and tasty combination of minced pork, lime juice, chilli flakes, fish sauce and herbs.

Add the sticky rice to a low-medium heated frying pan or wok and toast it dry until it turns golden brown and starts smelling like popcorn. This typically takes around 15 minutes. Once toasted add it to a food processor and grind it down into a fine, almost powdery mixture.

Add the water to a medium-hot pan and add the minced pork, cook for 3 or 4 minutes storing constantly until the mince has pretty much absorbed the water.

Tip the pork into a mixing bowl and add the crushed chillies, if you like a bit of heat you might want to add 2 teaspoons as opposed to one here.

Add the sticky rice powder to the mixture along with the shallots or spring onions. Next squeeze in the lime juice and add the fish sauce and sugar, mix thoroughly.

If you’re an onion fan we’d recommend adding the crispy fried onion mix.

Add the chopped coriander to the mixture and serve.

Garnish with mint.